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About Us

1791 Nation was created as a way to support First Responders, by showing our support in what we wear, and by helping first responders and their families with every sale.  We run fundraisers for fallen first responders, fire and police departments, and any responder or organization in need.  Created by a 20 year volunteer Firefighter and post 9/11 Responder, our brand began with a mission to help, and with your support we are able to do that every day!


1791 Nation was founded on March 17, 2020 and to date we have been able to donate over $13,000 to families of First Responders and organizations who support First Responders.  Our goal is to make an impact for more families around our country, and we welcome all fundraising ideas to make that happen!  Our customers and supporters are the ones who make this happen, so we say THANK YOU to everyone who has supported and continue to support us on this journey!